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Deliveries and collections

From time to time, and particularly over Christmas, I receive mail addressed to the same numbered house as ours in the next street. We know that Spiderman lives in that house – yes, he really does. So of course it’s a bit of a laugh to say you’re off to re-deliver Spiderman’s letters. Even more so to joke that he delivered some of our Christmas cards on a reciprocal errand – of course he wouldn’t have done, it would have been his mum. Although maybe that one that turned up on our loft balcony…

I was reminded of this celebrity connection this week when I mentioned to someone which Local Collect pick up point I was using for an Amazon parcel delivery. “Ooh, that’s near where Stormzy lives now!” Really? Now, I do know who Stormzy is, but have no idea what he looks like. Although I felt my friend’s confident description of “black and very tall” (and I already knew “male”) wasn’t terribly helpful, even in our middle-class suburb, I was completely over-excited when I spotted a shiny Range Rover with blacked out windows outside the post office as I approached. Perhaps I would now also be able to say that not only do I get my letters delivered by a comic book character but I collect my parcels with a Grimey rapper. It was not to be. And anyway, what appalling stereotyping on my part – I’m sure the RangeRover belongs to the next-door pharmacist and the rap artist just marches down the road from his house like I did (to get in his Fitbit steps?).

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