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2021 vision

Last year I determined to make more blog posts. I achieved an increase, but not the weekly number I had intended, despite being grounded for much of the time. Must do better – although this year I think I’ll focus on getting more readers rather than simply increasing my output.

I also want to write more generally and create something with greater lasting value. I will no doubt need a competition or specific third-party challenge to spur me on. Any suggestions welcome.

Additionally, I aim to write a review, however short, of each book or theatrical event I experience and share these on this website. I have been keeping notes privately of everything I read and watch for a while now, so this should not be too difficult.

I suppose the above are New Year resolutions of a sort. I don’t really believe in making such resolutions – it all seems a little artificial and destined for failure. On the other hand, this is as good a time as any to try and up my game, and a convenient point from which to monitor success. As I’ve mentioned before, I love statistics and a good spreadsheet, so there will be some enjoyment in measuring how I am doing.

And – what else is there to do right now? One of the reasons for retiring early was to travel the world whilst I still have the energy and, when not doing that, experience more theatre and other entertainments. So, whilst I absolutely do not claim any hardship from this pandemic – after all, I have been able to read far more, walk more in Richmond Park, enjoy my garden, devour more box-sets and even remarkably do some decorating, and thus far have retained my health – there is quite a frustration at being stuck at home, and I would like to counteract that with some achievement or other this year. Whether this is helpful to anyone else apart from myself remains to be seen. I will perhaps quietly take on something else less ‘self-regarding’ if the opportunity arises.

So, my vision 2021 is clear (really? We thought 2020 vision was clear and how wrong we were!) – well, if not clear then at least written down.

Knuckle down and produce some work of which I can be proud.

Get a grip and get on with it.

Right, now I’m off for a walk in the New Year’s drizzle and mist to congratulate myself on my clarity of thought.




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